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The student news site of Westwood High School.

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The student news site of Westwood High School.

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Companies choosing not to pay their interns shows a lack of appreciation and is an unethical move. Photo courtesy of oksmith.

Exposure Doesn’t Pay the Bills, but Internships Should

By Amy Simon, Opinions Editor October 20, 2021

Looking beyond the average textbook, students see two main ways to gain professional experience: jobs and internships. Due to many jobs demanding extraneous hours, internships have been seen as the path...

Susan Hamilton 23 and Trinity Woods 23 work together on their Chromebook. Photo courtesy of Aanika Hirode.

Chromebooks at Westwood Have Eased the Learning Process

By Aanika Hirode, Reporter October 18, 2021

Over the past year, Chromebooks have become a controversial emblem of the virtual education era. In 2020, when all students were learning remotely, a 1 to 1 Chromebook program was implemented across RRISD,...

Joe Biden makes a speech during the Human Rights Campaign in Los Angeles in 2012. His speech centered around equality but was not reflected on the immigrant policies. Photo courtesy of Ted Eytan.

Biden’s Immigrant Plan is Cruel and Inhumane

By Sarah Wollney, Reporter October 15, 2021

Many immigrants look at the U.S. as a safe country with opportunities to build a better life for themselves and their children. However, with the immigration system becoming more and more backlogged with...

The New York Times needs to know when they are overstepping society’s boundaries. Photo courtesy of j4p4n.

New York Times Film Exposes Ongoing Streak of Unethical Journalism

By Hannah Jourdan, Reporter October 14, 2021

One YouTube comment sourced from the “dark web” should not have been enough to convince an increasing 13,000 viewers that the New York Times (NYT) had murdered an anonymous interviewee three years...

Merck and Ridgeback Biotheraputics new anti-viral COVID pill is undergoing experimentation. It must be approved to begin distribution. Photo courtesy of 	Mpelletier1.

The New COVID-19 Antiviral Pill Provides a Way to Slow Down the Pandemic

By Avery Hixson, Reporter October 14, 2021

Since early March 2020, the whole world has been plagued by the COVID-19 virus. This virus took over the world in just a few months, changing how we live life every day. Tactics to prevent the spread of...

Amazon employees often work for hours at a time, and skip their breaks in order to fulfill productivity expectations. Photo courtesy of Scott Lewis.

Amazon’s Pay Increase Plays Down Their Problems

By Shreya Selvaraju, Reporter October 12, 2021

Amazon recently announced a plan to increase its pay for warehouse and transportation workers to an average of $18 an hour. Accompanying the increase, Amazon plans to hire 125,000 new employees by the...

Students crowd in, pushing pass each other to grab lunch before the lines close. Photo courtesy of Zoejane Ostebo.

Outdoor Seating: A Needed Commodity at Westwood

By Zoejane Ostebo, Extras Editor October 9, 2021

In order to help with social distancing, Westwood has expanded seating opportunities for students during lunch. More picnic tables and benches have been added to the front of the school and the amphitheater....

The Biden Administration ended the seven year long War of Terrorism with Egypt on Saturday, Sept. 11. Photo courtesy of Essam Sharaf.

The United States Needs to Step Up on Their Imposed Sanctions on Egypt

By Sarah Wollney, Reporter October 8, 2021

The Biden Administration finally ended the War on Terror after seven years on Saturday, Sept. 11. The United States’ involvement made the situation there worse than ever. Not only is Afghanistan in a...

American troops have recently pulled out of Afghanistan which saved the lives of many American service members. Photo courtesy of CPL Sam Shepherd.

The Good and Bad Aspects of Biden’s Withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan

By Avery Hixson, Reporter October 7, 2021

On Monday, Aug. 16, President Joe Biden gave a speech about the American troops fighting “America’s longest war” with the Taliban in Afghanistan. He went over the fight’s purpose and the reasoning...

The recent Justice for J6 rally argued against the arrests of those who participated in the riot on January 6, condoning the actions of those who broke into the capitol. Photo courtesy of Andrew Van huss.

Participants for the Justice for J6 Rally Need to be Held Accountable

By Hannah McDonough, Reporter October 6, 2021

On Saturday, Sept. 18, supporters of former President Donald Trump attended the Justice for J6 rally, a protest against the incarceration of those who participated in the riot at the capitol on Wednesday,...

The Sundancers use the parking lot for practices in the morning. Students have needed a better solution to this problem for a while. Photo courtesy of Hadley Norris.

Westwood Parking Needs to be Easier and More Accessible

By Hadley Norris, Reporter October 4, 2021

Parking shouldn’t be something students are thinking about when they leave for school. Especially returning from a year of virtual learning, students just want normalcy. However, amidst the construction,...

Three women pose for a beauty contest photo in Israel in the early 1950s. Photo courtesy of Hans Pinn.

The Subjective Social Complex of the Female Hierarchy Needs to be Amended (Part Two)

By Milena Jandreski, Reporter September 22, 2021

We would all like to think that we aren't part of an agenda that keeps old-fashioned views in place, but we are. I used to think that I was this hyper feminist who could do no wrong, though the truth is...

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