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RoundRockISD Proposes New Bond

Lizzie Deal, Reporter

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May 6 is Election Day for Round Rock ISD’s newest proposed bond, which outlines a number of improvement projects for schools within the district. The bond is outlined to fund some much needed projects for the  district, including alleviating overpopulation at the schools by constructing a sixth high school, rebuilding CD Fulkes Middle School, and enacting various construction projects around the district. The bond is split into three different propositions, each one attempting to improve different aspects of the district.


Proposition one details a number of construction improvements, such as the building of a new elementary school, a new high school, continuing construction at McNeil, and finishing Phase Four of construction on our campus. Overall, Phase Four should raise funds to finish renovations as well as constructing 26 new classrooms in order to remove the portables, adding a lecture hall, and expanding fine arts instructional spaces.


Aside from renovations on current schools, the proposition one will also provide funding for the creation of a sixth high school to help relieve crowding in Round Rock High School as well as  the creation of a Career Tech High School for students who wish to specialize in this area. While many are concerned that the creation of these schools may pull some students away from our school, the creation of a sixth mainstream high school may allow for the district to redistribute students and decrease overcapacity at current schools.


The bond’s proposition two contains plans to rebuild CD Fulkes Middle School and transform it into a fine arts specialized school, build a Career Tech High School for students who wish to enter that field, design the structures for Early College and Health Professions High School, and fund expansion at schools that need it. At CD Fulkes, the new building will be constructed behind the existing school and the City of Round Rock is planning on taking advantage of the downtown location of the school by building a new library on land near the site. Round Rock is also planning on constructing a facility including a black box theater, allowing joint use across the district.


Proposition three addresses the fine arts and athletic facilities in the district. This will include renovations at Dragon Stadium, building an indoor aquatic facility and a third outdoor athletic facility, and designing auditoriums for our campus as well as Round Rock High School. The district will also be using the money from proposition three to establish athletic training facilities at Chisholm Trail and Grisham Middle Schools, improving and enhancing existing middle school athletic facilities, and purchasing new land for future developments.
Overall, the proposed bond will provide much needed repairs as well as funding for other projects. Despite the good intentions of the district, many people in the community have reservations about specific aspects of the bond, including  where their tax money is going and what they are paying for. However, the only way to deal with these problems is to vote. Casting an informed decision that reflects your beliefs, regardless of whether you are for or against the bond, will allow you to have a say in what happens in our community. If you are eligible to vote, do your part in helping to decide the future of our community and school district. For more information on voting or details of the bond, please visit the bond website.

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