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Seniors Showcase Artwork

By Lizzie Deal, Managing Editor

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Senior artwork took over the library patio for the last few weeks of school to showcase the talent of the students and give them an opportunity to display their artwork for peers to see.

Students were able to display a variety of styles of art, ranging from sketches to sculptures. Many of the arrangements also featured a statement with information about the artist, their artwork, and their hopes for the future.

“It’s really nice seeing the different types of artwork,” Kriti Sarker ‘17 said. “On the artist statement they explain the art on and provide further background to the art and a different interpretation and I think that’s really cool.”

For many of the seniors, the Senior Art Showcase was the first time their art had been displayed publicly, allowing for both students and faculty to witness their art firsthand.

“It’s kind of nerve wracking because art is subjective and everybody can judge you,” Kelsey Jones ‘17 said, “but also I know that my art reflects who I am. It’s scary but yet it’s comforting because people get to see who you are on the inside a little bit more. They get to see a piece of you that they don’t always get to see.”

The displays have also allowed seniors to see how much their peers have grown and developed over the course of the years. It will also be the last time the class can display their work together before they go to college.

“It’s definitely really inspirational to see how everyone has developed their style throughout the years,” Kristian Castro ‘17 said. “I plan to go to college under an art major and be very involved in the art department.”

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