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The student news site of Westwood High School.

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The student news site of Westwood High School.

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1971 saw the release of two very different but also very similar road movies. Heres why theyre worth watching.

‘Two-Lane Blacktop’ vs ‘Vanishing Point’: 1971’s Weirdest Road Movies

By Oliver Barnfield, Video Editor September 22, 2021

In the first half of 1971, two oddly similar movies were released. While their filmmaking styles were wildly different and they were produced independently from one another, the two films both showcased...

Musical artist Eli Filosov is a multi-platform lo-fi instrumentalist that has increased in popularity over the past year. His main success is his song oneofone_rwk, which got popular online across several social media platforms.

The Mysterious Spotify Artist Eli Filosov

By Chloe Boyd, Reporter September 22, 2021

Eli Filosov is a verified Spotify artist with over 250,000 monthly listeners. He has amassed over 18,500 followers on SoundCloud. He also posts his music on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, iHeartRadio,...

Angelina Chor 23 works diligently on the blockheads. The process takes a whole day to complete because of the amount of new students this year.

Band Blockhead Tradition Carries On

By Caelyn Swendner, Yearbooker September 21, 2021

Every weekend of July and August leading up to the first day of school, band members gathered at junior Julianna Patterson's house to prime, paint, and DecoPodge their blockhead creations. Blockheads...

Cellists paint a cello and background onto their poster. The cello poster featured Charle the inflatable alien, and was one of the most popular posters.

Orchestra Hosts Annual Section Poster Social

By Riya Patil, Reporter September 18, 2021

On Friday, September 10, Westwood Orchestra students gathered after school from 4:30 to 5:45 in the orchestra hall for the very first in-person social of the year. The event centered around section-poster...

Susan Hamilton 23, Hannah Bresser 24, and Sofia Baruah 23 stand facing the Warriors home side. The SunDancers were performing alongside the Warrior band during halftime to get the crowd hyped up.

Connected Through Sisterhood: SunDancers Build Community From the Inside Out

By Kumud Arora , Reporter September 18, 2021

SunDancers are Westwood High School’s varsity dance and drill team that compete at an advanced level. They are a very community-oriented organization and thus perform at a lot of events across Austin....

This years MET Gala was huge in public discussion. Lupita Nyongo, Billie Eilish, and Barbie Ferreira all attended the ball and looked stunning doing so. Photo courtesy of Tom Lorenzo, Popsugar Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine.

The Looks of the 2021 MET Gala That Met Our Expectations

By Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Director September 16, 2021

This year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) chose a bold, but specific theme of “American independence” for their fabulous annual party, the MET Gala. The MET Gala is, for lack of a better word,...

With other mellophones beside him in a concert arc, section leader Ian Kim ‘22 quickly gets set to warm up at the beginning of rehearsal on Friday, Sept. 10. Though the non-competitive marching season in 2020 was difficult, it inspired him to become an example for his peers this year. “It’s my duty to help the underclassmen appreciate band the way that I appreciate it,” Kim said.

‘Human Again’: Westwood Warrior Marching Band Carries on Timeless Legacy

By Hannah Jourdan, Reporter September 16, 2021

Scattered across a 300 foot stretch of fading yard lines sat the occasional convoy for athletics: six or ten cars, trunks agape and flooding with lacrosse sticks or football gear. Otherwise in this...

Wearing full uniforms for the first time this season, the Westwood Warrior Marching Band exhibits their show, Human Again, at Festival of Bands on the field of Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex. A full crowd of fine arts supporters including the event organizer, Fine Arts Director of Instrumental Music Nolan Loyde, cheered them on in the stands. Photo courtesy of Scott Seamon.

Band Prepares for Competitive Season With Festival of Bands Exhibition Event

By Hannah Jourdan, Reporter September 15, 2021

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, the Westwood Warrior Marching band performed their production Human Again at the first Festival of Bands event since 2019 in Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex to fund fine arts support...

In this Christopher Nolan retrospective, I will be giving an in-depth analysis of each of Christopher Nolan’s eleven films, starting with Following. Following is an amazing thriller that kick-started much of Nolan’s style. Art by Hadley Norris.

Christopher Nolan Retrospective Series: Part One, ‘Following’

By Josh Shippen, Reporter September 15, 2021

Film geeks have come to adore Christopher Nolan movies, but not many people have seen the low-budget thriller that kicked off his legacy. Following was directed by Christopher Nolan and was released on...

Lorde released her new album, Solar Power, on August 20. The promotional image above was found plastered all over social media as she released the title tracks music video.

Lorde’s Sophomore Album, ‘Solar Power,’ Outshines the Sun

By Eshaan Chopra, Marketing Director September 14, 2021

Rays of sunshine beam down through the darkness of Ella Yelich-O’Connor, popularly known as Lorde’s, previous albums. Solar Power, Lorde’s third studio album, contrasts the roaring energy of her...

Steve Carell has only received one Oscar nomination for his role in Foxcatcher. Carell’s other notable works include Little Miss Sunshine, Anchorman, and Beautiful Boy. Photo courtesy of Peter Kudlacz, Wikimedia Commons.

Top Ten Actors to Never Win an Academy Award

By Josh Shippen, Reporter September 10, 2021

To give some context about the Academy Awards, I’m going to liken it to an NFL situation. The Oscars are like the Pro Bowl, and the amount of actual analysis that seems to go into the selections seems...

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