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Coach Travis Dalrymple Announced as New Assistant Athletic Coordinator

Kiana Graham '20 poses with head tennis coach Travis Dalrymple following her regionals win. Photo credit to Westwood Tennis

Kiana Graham '20 poses with head tennis coach Travis Dalrymple following her regionals win. Photo credit to Westwood Tennis

Chelsea Terranova, Photographer

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As of the 2017-2018 school year, the athletics department needed a new Assistant Athletic Coordinator. Tennis coach Travis Dalrymple was well qualified for that position; he’s been coaching at Westwood for eight years now and graduated from Westwood in 2000.

After graduating from Westwood, Coach Dalrymple attended Texas State University majoring in exercise and sport science, and earning teaching certifications in math, sociology and P.E.

Coach Dalrymple began his coaching career at Stony Point High School, turning a zero-winning team into regional qualifiers in 2008. In 2007 Coach Dalrymple was named Capital Area Tennis Association Coach of the year.

“I am really enjoying being the new Assistant Athletic Coordinator. It has given me a lot of new opportunities and to grow as a professional,”  Coach Dalrymple said.  

Most people are aware that Coach Dalrymple is the head tennis coach and loves the sport, but now he has a bigger focus.

“I want to have a much bigger impact on all of the sports, not just tennis. I want to be a resource for all of our coaches and all of our athletes,” Coach Dalrymple said.

Being a coach of all sports you have to have skill and knowledge about that certain sport and a plan every practice and game. Coach Dalrymple, as a coach, has his own philosophies to having a successful team.

“Work hard and have fun. If you are doing both of those and helping young adults then your program is a success,” Coach Dalrymple said.  “A good coaching strategy is outwork your opponent. You can’t control a lot of things, but you can control how much you put in everyday whether it be a practice or a match.”

Westwood has a lot to look forward to having Coach Dalrymple as the Assistant Athletic Coordinator along with head football coach Anthony Wood as the Head Athletic Coordinator.

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