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Varsity Football Falls to the Tigers 56-28

By Lindsey Thomas, Men's Sports Editor

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On Friday, Oct. 20 the Westwood Warriors fell to the Stony Point Tigers 56-28 in their third game in district.

To jump start the game, the Tigers kicked first and Brandon Kothlow ‘18 returned the ball to the Warrior 38-yard line. The Warriors soon lost possession of the ball, returning the ball over to the Tigers, ending the quarter with three touchdowns for the Tigers (21-0).

“The key plays that stood out to me during the game was the small ones that sparked the offense after the first half,” Cameron Thomas ‘18 said. “Those small plays led to touchdowns.”

At the start of the second quarter, the Warriors began with possession of the ball, but unfortunately was turned back over when a first down was not obtained. Shortly after, when the Warriors regained possession, Joel Navarro ‘18 caught a fumble recovery on the 2-yard line, ending the half ended with a score of 35-0.

“On defense, we caused and recovered a fumble and that gave us some momentum,” Chris Martinez ‘18 said. “Then offense scoring in the second half. Defense had mistakes but we also did things right, it wasn’t our best game, but we’ll learn and grow from this.”

In start of the third quarter, the Tigers scored their sixth touchdown of the game. Bringing back hope for the Warriors, Thomas ran an 85-yard touchdown. The fourth quarter brought joy to the warriors when Ryan Lindley ‘20 ran in a touchdown at the beginning of the quarter. In the last five seconds, Thomas ran in his second touchdown of the game, ending the game at 56-28.

“Offense started off really slow, it was just mental mistakes that we were making,” Thomas said. “After the first half, we went over it and focused more on technique, and that’s why we had such a good second half.”

The Warriors will be ready to show their strength on Friday, Oct. 27, at the KRAC against the Round Rock Dragons at 7 p.m.. Go Wood.

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