‘The 39 Steps’ to Come to the New Black Box Theatre

Mackenzie Farkus, Editor in Chief

The murder of a female spy. A foreigner afraid of being accused of the aforementioned killing. And…comedy?

The 39 Steps, coming to the new Black Box Theatre on October 24-26 at 7 pm, is just that. Originally a novel by author John Buchan, then a 1935 film by famous horror/thriller director Alfred Hitchcock, the play entails a Canadian visitor in London who gets accused of murdering a female spy.

The play, which was originally meant to have a cast of just four actors to play hundreds of roles — some of these roles being in the same scene — will have fifteen actors this time around in this Black Box Theatre production.

“Yeah, of course I’m excited about it! It’s one of my favorite shows,” said sophomore Kylie Shannon, who will be acting in The 39 Steps.

Students performing in the play practiced every day after school, alternating between staying after until around 7:30 p.m. and, in the final week of rehearsals, until 10:30.

The 39 Steps will be performed in the new Black Box Theatre from October 24-26 at 7 pm and is around two hours long. Tickets are $7.

“Be sure to get there early! We’ve only got 100 seats, so tickets tend to sell out fast,” VPA lead teacher and drama club sponsor Lydia Coats stated.