JV White Game Rained Out

By Renee Johns, Photo Editor

Junior Varsity White Team squared off against Hendrickson on September 18 on their home turf.

“I am excited and very confident about the game tonight,” said corner Bryce Babin ‘17 (#4) before the game began.

Quarterback Josh Duff ‘17 (#12) scored the first touchdown of the game.  Duff then scored another touchdown, just barely making it to the end zone.

“I think we are playing very well,” said wide receiver Glen Holder ‘17 (#88) during the game.

Hendrickson only managed to score one touchdown before the game got rained out after the third quarter had just started. Since the game was past half-time before it got canceled, the Junior Varsity White team won with a score of 14-7.

“I’m very disappointed, I really wanted to finish the game,” said offensive lineman Phillip Rangel ‘17 (#54). “We were having a blast, but, I am satisfied with us ending up with the win.”