Girls Varsity Basketball Shoots for Playoffs


Photo By C Barasch

Ishani Pandya, Heritage Editor in Chief

It was nothing but net for the girls varsity basketball team as they made their way through the season. With plenty of talent and the desire to fuel their success, they played as a singular, phenomenal unit that led not only to new opportunities, but new friendships.

“The best thing about playing basketball here is being able to be with a great team. We all work hard together and it’s a great experience,” Claire Jahnke ‘16 said.

The team rose higher than they did last year and even managed to place in the top three at the M.T Rice and Bowie tournament, with strong hopes of a playoff bid. Success didn’t come instantly, however. The team put in a lot of hard work dedication, with practices every day of the week for at least two hours. Currently, the team is ranked 4-1 in District and ranked #12 in State.

“During practice, we would do drills, ball handling, and go over fundamentals which definitely paid off,” Sophie Taylor ’16 said. “We’re playing at a different level this year that will hopefully lead to even greater wins in the future.”