‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Falls Flat


Ishani Pandya, Heritage Editor in Chief

avengers-age-of-ultronThe highly anticipated sequel to the Avengers had me on the edge of my seat… waiting for the movie to be over.

The second part to the blockbuster followed the story of the renowned superhero team who must defeat a computer program which comes to life and tries to destroy the Earth in the name of “justice.” The scenes were hard to follow, and left me with many questions at the end.

Many new characters were introduced, like Quicksilver and The Silver Witch who had some of the best lines in the movie. Their arrival gave the movie an interesting twist as they were the most complex characters on the screen.

The original cast, however, fell flat in my opinion. While they delivered a few witty one-liners, overall they didn’t have as much chemistry as they did in the first film. I was excited to see them play off of one another and deliver many jokes, but was disappointed with the result.

It might just be me, but I prefer my villains human. In this movie, Ultron is simply a creation of Tony Stark, a computer program gone wrong. One of the best parts of the first movie was the banter between Loki and the Avengers. Because Ultron was not a living being, there was no direct communication between him and the superheroes which made me feel less interested in the villain.

However, the action and CGI in this movie were more impressive as the producers relied more on special effects to drive the movie forward. I especially liked the intense fight scene at the end as it was extremely action packed.

Overall, the movie was not as good as I had anticipated, but was still worth watching. The sneak peek during the ending credits gave me hope that the next movie might be better. I guess I’ll just wait until 2018.