Georgetown Eagles Defeat Warriors in Season Opener

Mason Hernandez '16 is tackled by the Georgetown Eagles.
Mason Hernandez ’16 is tackled by the Georgetown Eagles.

A resilient Warrior football team was ultimately defeated 21-42 by the tough-to-beat Georgetown Eagles in what ended up being a game full of authentic football, injuries, and cheers.

While the Warriors did get on the scoreboard towards the end of the second quarter, they were still down 28-7 when the band and Sundancers made their way to the field at halftime.  Right before the touchdown, play was stopped for several minutes as a player was carted off the field with an injury—but according to trainer Taylin Fanette ‘18, they see this often enough.

“I’d have to say [we get] probably around 2-3 per game,” Fanette said when asked how many injuries they see on average.

At halftime, Georgetown and Westwood showcased their respective dancers and bands with performances of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars while Warrior fans rekindled their enthusiasm to push the team forward.

“I think if we give it until halftime, Coach will whip them into shape,” Shyanne Clarkson ‘16 said as she awaited the second half.

Jack Swensen '16 gets ready to throw the ball.
Jack Swensen ’16 gets ready to throw the ball.

The Warriors made their final push in the fourth quarter, as they gained momentum during the third, during which tensions ran high as the Warriors started to heat up and face off with the Eagles. Despite two more touchdowns, the Warriors were ultimately unable to catch up to the six from Georgetown.

In the face of a 42-21 loss, neither the team nor fans felt the loss was a point of concern, because the Warriors played well and certainly held their own against an excellent 5A team.  Coach Taylor was very optimistic about the way the team played, when asked whether he would make any changes before the next game.

“No, the kids work hard every day, and this is just the way the game works,” Coach Taylor said.

The Warriors will next face Anderson High School on Thursday, Sept 3 at 7:30 p.m. at House Park.  The game will also be broadcast live on KBVO and live-streamed on