Students Relax at Austin Lakes


Sanika Nayak, World News Editor

L-R: Apoorva Chintala and Jessie Park share a kayak.
L-R:  Apoorva Chintala ’18 and Jessie Park ’18 share a kayak.

As the hot sun blazes down from the sky, students search for ways to keep cool in the summer.

Summer is a time for relaxation, so what says stress relief like crystal water, tall trees, and boat rides with friends?

Thanks to the sporadic summer rain in June, students this summer have enjoyed the now nearly filled lakes around the Austin area. Lake Travis, Lake Buchanan, and Lake Austin have all been popular destinations for summer fun.

“I love the lake because it’s such a great place to have fun with friends. There’s so many cool activities to do on the water,” Neeharika Bandlapalli ‘18 said. These activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing have attracted large crowds, as they provide an opportunity to have fun while at the same time getting some exercise. “I never realized how fun yet tiring canoeing was until I tried it,” Bandlapalli said.

Although there are a wide range of activities, everyone seems to have a favorite.

“My favorite is kayaking because you can go with two people at a time and it’s not hard to get the hang of,” Jessie Park ‘18 said. “My friends and I have an awesome time racing each other to the other shore of the lake. And occasionally pushing people out of a kayak creates some good memories as well!”

No matter your preference, the lake seems to be a destination for everyone. Even if a person doesn’t feel up to swimming, they can still join in the fun by helping to row a kayak or by sitting on a float in shallow water. There aren’t any dangerous waves like the beach, so even small children can enjoy without worry. Lakes are often always surrounded by nature, so hiking through beautiful scenery before hitting the water’s edge is definitely a bonus.

“I personally like the lake better than the beach because it’s so much more peaceful. There’s a lot of shade from trees and there aren’t any loud noises disturbing you,”  Kavyaa Choudhary ‘18 said.

Many students agree with her, as the lake, unlike the beach, is close by and easy to drive to.

L-R: Niti Malwade '18 and Shreya Nakkala '18 celebrate summer by kayaking.
L-R: Niti Malwade ’18 and Shreya Nakkala ’18 celebrate summer by kayaking.

“You don’t have to worry about it taking almost 4 hours like it does to get to the beach. A 20 minute car ride is sufficient to get you there without any extra hassle,” Shreya Nakkala ‘18 added.

For the first time in years, Texas has not been consumed by a fierce drought drying up the lakes, and students are taking full advantage of it. And since we seem to be enjoying the serene shores so much, it is also up to us to keep them clean. Always take a trash bag to clean up any wrappers or plastic you may find, whether it belongs to you or not. If we continue to keep lakes clean, we will be able to enjoy the cool waves of summer for a long time.