Orchestra Members Chill Out at the Annual Ice Cream Social


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Sophie Mathieu ’16 and Juliana Kim ’16 participate in a game.

Audrey Lu, Reporter


Sophie Mathieu '16 and Juliana Kim '16 participate in a game.
Sophie Mathieu ’16 and Juliana Kim ’16 participate in a game.

On Friday, Oct. 2, Orchestra hosted their annual ice cream social to help members of each orchestra get acquainted with one another. This year’s events were unique.

“Usually during the ice cream social, people make section posters during that time but this year we just wanted to switch it up,” Co-President Julianna Kim ‘16 said.

There are currently six posters in the orchestra room, one for each section of the orchestra (including the harps).

“Basically, the posters are a way for the sections to demonstrate their pride,” Kim said.

There were many different ways the different sections chose to express their pride.

“You could come up with anything you wanted to and create a poster based on that,” Jarrett Lee ‘18 said.

For example, the bass section decided to paint a bass onto their poster with the words, “We’re all about that bass,” a clear pun on based on Meghan Trainor’s pop hit, All About That Bass.

“For the cellos, we made a poster saying ‘Cello Kitty’ with Hello Kitty holding a cello,” Katherine Hsu said.

However, Janice Oh ‘19 prefers playing games during the social, because the orchestra members “have time to talk to each other more and, like, interact.” Specifically, she says, she enjoys card games.

“Everyone knew how to play them, everyone could be included, and, like, everyone’s comfortable playing these games,” Oh said.

With these games, the members achieved what they can’t in class.

“In orchestra class of course we have to pull out our instruments and stuff, but we don’t have as much time to actually get to know people and talk to them and, like, actually know them for who they are rather than just, like, what they play, so I got to know a lot more people and it was a lot of fun,” Oh said.

There are rare blocks in Orchestra that are dedicated to studying which can also give members the chance to meet new people, but they do not provide members across orchestras a chance to meet each other like the Ice Cream Social does.

“Our main goal was to kind of, like, integrate everyone and make Orchestra not a community divided by different orchestras or groups that are already formed but a community based off of, like, our common interests in violin and cello, et cetera,” Jack Zeitz ‘16 said.