Varsity Tennis Wins District Semi-Finals

Annie Bowers

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  • Haarika Somarouthu ’16 prepares a forehand return.

  • Eric Chen ’16 makes a long reach to return the ball to his opponent.

    K. Hall
  • Navin Baruah ’18 sets up his backhand return.

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The varsity tennis team won against Pflugerville in the district semi-finals on Oct. 7.  The final score was 10-0. The tennis team went on the next day to win district finals against Round Rock the next day with the same score of 10-0.

“It was honestly kind of expected,” Alec Baskersville ‘17 said. “Westwood has a really good team this year, but it’s good to stay modest.”

The spirit of winning was all around the team, which is not a new feeling for varsity tennis.

“I won both my matches,” Pia Cadar ‘17 said. “The whole team won each of their matches, which is always the easiest thing to do.”

Watching your partner do well in doubles can lead to a sense of accomplishment too.

“It felt good because my partner and I work well as a team,” Flora He ‘19 said. “And I felt proud of my partner because she hit a lot of good shots”

Sometimes something a simple as cheering on your teammates can bring satisfaction to the athletes.

“The highlight for me was probably cheering on my teammates,” Jake Stern ‘17 said. “I felt proud for our school.”

Varsity tennis had a victorious week, with one win after another. They continue to play matches all around the district. The next match will be at Rouse on Oct. 22.