7 Reasons to Write Fanfiction


Audrey Lu, Reporter

  1. To discover hidden talents. Fanfiction is an accessible way for ordinary to discover talent. In fact, Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones started out as Harry Potter fanfiction.
  2. It doesn’t have to be for a mass audience. Even without natural talent in writing, fans can write fanfiction for their own personal enjoyment. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask a couple of close friends for feedback.
  3. To explore missed opportunities. Many plots have an infinite number of different ways the story could have turned out, some of which could make a best-selling book. Through fanfiction, fans can explore different romantic pairings, different betrayals, different character deaths, etc.
  4. For personal satisfaction. Especially since many authors nowadays are incorporating love triangles into their stories, there are occasions when fans disagree with the author. Fanfiction is a way for fans to mold the story to their liking.
  5. Some fans are already professional writers and are looking just to have fun. Writing original fiction requires deep consideration towards character development, characteristics. When writing fanfiction, the characters have already been developed. This allows more thought to be put into other elements that make a good story and the informal nature of fanfiction entails less pressure.
  6. To kill time while waiting for the sequel to be released. Many sequels release a year or two after the previous book’s release. During those long waits, writing fanfiction while speculating about what the author will present in the sequel is an effective way of making the wait seem shorter. Fanfiction writing is time consuming and can easily last the entire wait.
  7. As a continuation of the book. It’s usually sad when a book ends, and rereading the book itself often doesn’t have the same excitement. Writing fanfiction can allow us to stay in the world the author has created for a little longer.