Best Episodes to Introduce Your Friends to Running Man


Audrey Lu, Reporter

  • Episode 8:

During “peaceful tea time,” embarrassing videos of the cast were shown, really encapsulating each cast member vividly.

  • Episode 38: Beginning of Yoo Ames Bond

Episode 38 is a turning point for Running Man. This is the episode in which the producers started getting creative with their storylines. This is the first episode of what has been dubbed the Yoo Ames Bond episodes. The name Yoo Ames Bond is a play on the words Yoo Jae Suk, a cast member of Running Man, and James Bond.

  • Episode 52: Running Man Hunting

Running Man is one of the few variety shows that can pull off a horror-themed episode. This is Choi Min Soo’s debut and he makes his return in Episode 69.

  • Episode 74: Gary’s Memories

There’s an annual episode where the cast members compete with each other to find the best of the best. This episode is the source of many iconic lines that are still referenced today.

  • Episode 96: Park Ji Sung

Park Ji Sung, the famous Korean soccer player of Manchester United and a fan of Running Man, is the guest. A hilarious game of psychic soccer kicks off the episode.

  • Episode 98: Humans vs. Zombies

The storyline of this episode is one of the best and brings out the best in some unexpected cast members.

  • Episode 140: The Virus: Return Laughter to Mankind

This episode is the third appearance of Yoo Ames Bond, where his mission is to find the imposter who is ousting all the members. There are many unexpected plot twists that prove the accuracy of multiple cast members’ nicknames.

  • Episode 178: Running Man vs. The Writers, Year End Race

Running Man cast members bet their demands on winning the race. Naturally, the writers make the missions near impossible. This episode is perfect for showing the cast’s solid teamwork skills.

  • Episode 213: It’s Okay We’re Heirs

The guests of this episode are famous actresses who play evil queens and most people didn’t expect much. We were pleasantly surprised as they made us laugh consistently throughout the episode.