7 Reasons to Listen to BTS



1.Their choreography is top notch

BTS is well known around the Kpop world for having amazing choreography. Whether it’s soulful, or something that you’d whip your head around to, they have the perfect dance to go with any song (I have no idea how they manage to sing and dance at the same time).

2. Their music

After releasing their title song “I Need You” in 2015, BTS quickly gained recognition for their musicality and vocal abilities. Like their dances, their songs cover a wide range and there is a song for every occasion.

3. Their “Bangtan Bombs”

“Bangtan Bombs” are short (around 5 minutes) videos posted on their Youtube channel about the members’ daily lives. The videos cover virtually everything BTS related, from how they brush their teeth to high-quality performance videos.

4. Their personalities

BTS goes on many different variety shows and with the help of the hosts, they show their craziest sides by purposely doing “ugly dances” and telling hilarious anecdotes about each other. Each member has his own special qualities and viewers are quick to choose favorites.

5. All the crazy ships

For all those crazy shippers out there, the members of BTS have such diverse personalities that  a ship can be created between every single member pairing. Of course there are a few prominent ships with millions of fans “on deck,” but really, any ship is a good ship.

6. They try to speak English

Unlike most Kpop bands that carelessly throw around horribly written English lyrics that make no sense in context, BTS actually tries to learn English and even flew to America to learn the language.

7. World Tours

BTS actually goes on international tours (BTS came to Dallas 2015). It is not uncommon for the Korean entertainment companies to announce an “international tour” that’s only in the Asian peninsula, but BigHit (BTS’ company) will actually allow the idols to take a world tour.