MOD Pizza Gains Popularity Amongst Students


Olivia Brent-Fielding

It seems by now many students have at least heard of the semi-new franchise MOD Pizza. If you haven’t, that is ok. You’ll experience its glory as you read this article.

The first thing you notice when you walk inside MOD is the smiling faces of the employees. They greet all customers with open arms no matter if you are a new customer or a returning customer. When you make your way through the line of people (yes there will always be some length of a line due to MOD’s deliciousness), you experience the fresh dough, fresh veggies and sauces, and almost everything you can imagine putting on your pizza. You will also be asked your name by one of the smiling employees and they will make sure that they are saying it correctly. Then once you have created your masterpiece of a pizza, you will be directed to the pay counter where you will receive your check, a drink, and even a sticker — who wouldn’t want a cool sticker?

Their pizzas come in three sizes so it all depends on how hungry you are. There is the “mini” size for someone who doesn’t eat a lot, a “MOD” size which is a standard sized pizza for those who are hungry and/or are sharing a pizza, and then there is the glorious “Mega” size. It’s two layers of pizza stacked on one another, both with pizza sauce so you are basically getting two pizzas in one, but you have to be extremely hungry or have a least two people eating to finish it.

The pizza making process begins with your pizza made right in front of you. You get to choose every topping to place on your pizza from a wide variety of options such as bell peppers, sausage, bacon, different types of cheese, different types of pizza sauce, and lots more. And for those of you who are vegetarian, don’t worry, they didn’t leave y’all out! You have the option of creating a vegetarian style pizza with any choice of toppings you want. The best thing is that they fire your pizza in a brick oven into a crisp,tasteful and crunchy yet soft crust. You might have to wait about 10 minutes to enjoy the lovely pizza, but it is well worth it.

If you enjoy deliciously made pizza and friendly people, you should stop by MOD and become a “modster” too. You only have to experience the MOD world once to know that it has some oh-so-deliciously-good-pizza.

The nearest location of MOD Pizza to Westwood is at 11521 Ranch to Market 620.