Theater Performs One-Act Play


To prepare for UIL competition later in the week at Hendrickson HS, the Westwood Theater group performed their one act play, Cinderella, throughout the day on Tuesday, March 22. In this adaptation of Cinderella, there was still a fairy godmother — who was gave lively, comedic relief, — a prince, a ball, and a glass slipper, but instead of ending up with the prince, Cinderella chooses differently.

“The main female does not get Prince Charming,” Riley Nelson ‘17 said. “She chooses quality of person over quality of life. Stereotypically, desirable qualities aren’t necessarily desired, like the prince goes with these very disaffected moody person, which isn’t whom princes are normally attracted to.”

The play portrayed the step-sisters and Cinderella as more of equals in both beauty and morality. All three of the characters had their own strengths and personalities and gave the storyline a new and vibrant feeling. It also dealt with the issues of money in society and doing only what everyone’s been telling you to do your whole life.

“It was unlike any other part that I’ve ever done,” Zoe Rowe ‘18, who played one of the stepsisters, said. “It was also one of the best casts I’ve ever worked with because everyone was so supportive of each other.”

The actors, tech, and designers did a fantastic job in this one act, but sadly, they did not advance. However, about 30 cast members received awards, along with two all-star cast and an honorable mention.

“We rehearsed every day and it took a while for us to come together,” Nelson said. “As a cast, we’ve always been very unified. It was a hard process but it was with really good people, and I think that helped a lot.”