Environmental Club Beautifies School


Environmental Club met on Saturday, May 7, to beautify the garden in the back of the school next to the portables. After a couple hours of hard work, the group had created a completely different landscape.

The club works to help beautify the outdoor spaces surrounding the school, helping to make the environment a better place. The group weeded the garden by the portables, then added mulch to help moderate the soil temperature and water content for summer.

“I think gardening is very relaxing, and I like the connection you feel to nature when you are outside working in the dirt,” Environmental Club sponsor Ms. Jordan Seidl said. “I think we worked toward an improved garden by removing the grasses and weeds that don’t attract and feed the butterflies, which will hopefully allow the plants that are specifically for the butterflies to thrive.”

During club activities and events, students have the opportunity to make friends and have fun.

“I really like to make the areas around Westwood look prettier,” Melanie Klock ‘16 said. “It’s also really fun to be with all my friends, since many of my friends are in this club with me.”

The outdoor experience also helps the members to calm and escape the tough work that school brings.

“It’s really relaxing in nature, with the work calming, but not rigorous,” Jack Zeitz ‘16 said.

Environmental Club meets every Monday after school in Room D2312.