Warriors Continue Summer Training


J. Xu

Warriors work on lower body strength.

Jenny Xu, Executive Editor

Although the school year has ended, many Westwood athletes are continuing their training well into the summer. In order to provide students with the conditioning and equipment needed, Westwood’s athletic department hosts the annual Summer Weight and Speed Camp, an intensive training camp held Mondays through Thursdays, beginning on June 13 through July 28, with a 10 day break from July 1 through July 10.

The camp has a total of four sessions, with athletes being split up by skill level and age. Sessions one and two are held 8 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. for incoming juniors and seniors (varsity and JV boys), as well as all female high school athletes. Sessions three and four are conducted from 10 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. for middle school students, and all incoming freshmen and sophomores.

Each day brings a new set of workouts that put emphasis on certain areas of the body — one day may focus on lower body strength, while the next may concentrate on strengthening the upper body. Through this camp, coaches hope to further fortify the athletes’ foundation, while focusing on strength training, endurance, sprinting, and lateral movements.

“We’ve got guys that are coming back that were young, and so we want to see improvement from them, to see them get to that next level. I think that in doing so, we’re gonna see an improved football team next year,” Coach Wood said. “We want to be explosive, and we want to be powerful.”

Many athletes chose to participate in the Summer Weight and Speed Camp to prepare for the upcoming season.

“I want to get faster and stronger, and to improve as a team,” Colton Hixson ‘17 said. “It’s been difficult, but it’s going to help us improve.”

While the drills proved to be tough, some athletes found that their activities following the morning workout were tougher.

“I want to get faster and stronger for the upcoming season, I’m playing basketball and football, so I’d like to get in better shape,” Beau Brown 17’ said. “It’s been very difficult because I go to ACC right after this, so it’s a challenge to stay awake in class.”

The participants of the camp were not limited to current Westwood athletes — former varsity tennis player and Westwood graduate Eric Chen ‘16 took part as well.

With a diverse range of workouts and students from a variety sports, the Summer Weight and Speed Camp will be sure to produce stronger athletes for the upcoming 2016-2017 season.