JV Orange Tennis Triumphs Over Westlake Chaps

Jenny Xu, Executive Editor

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  • Fernanda Vasquez ‘20 tosses the ball for her serve.

  • Tristan Salemme ‘20 moves up to hit a backhand to her opponent.

  • Anika Srinath ‘19 sets up for a backhand.

  • Karan Rane ’20 makes contact with the ball to serve to the other side.

  • Anika Srinath ‘19 reaches for a forehand to return the ball.

  • Fernanda Vasquez ‘20 serves the ball.

  • Nathan Iyer ‘19 watches the toss in preparation for his serve.

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Coming off of a close victory from last week’s match, the JV Orange tennis team brought home another win on Wednesday, Sept. 28, defeating the Westlake Chaps with an impressive score of 19-4.

Prior to this match, the JV Orange tennis team won an intense game against the Georgetown Eagles, with wins in all three tiebreakers leading to a final score of 10-9.

“I really think we need to work on improving how well we do under pressure,” Emily Peng ‘20 said. “We did that well last week, but we need to make sure it continues in case a lot of our games go to tiebreaker again.”

The athletes’ hard work clearly showed, with Westwood dominating in nearly all of the matches. One particularly impressive match was in girls’ singles, with Fernanda Vasquez ‘20 using both her smart plays and skill to defeat her opponent 8-2. Though the Warriors came back with a huge win, the athletes knew what they had to improve on in the future.

“[I want to work on] better serves, and sometimes my returns aren’t that good on backhands,” Vasquez said.

While some athletes found that they wanted to work on their technique, others wished to improve their mental game.

“I do a lot worse under pressure than I do under practice,” Peng said. “I need to work on ignoring my nerves and playing.”

With their hard work and determination, the JV Orange tennis team was able to triumph over the Chaps, with a large margin of victory over one of Westwood’s main rivals.

“I am thrilled for the athletes and hope to improve our footwork and overall consistency for the next match,” Assistant Coach Daniel Veve said.

The JV Orange tennis team’s next match will be against the East View Patriots on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at East View High School.