Freshman Football Suffers 22-44 Defeat by Pflugerville

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  • The Warriors show their team spirit after the game.

  • Running back Riley Beckham ‘20 carries the ball while offensive lineman Vicente Ochoa ‘20 fends off a Pflugerville defender.

  • Kicker Dylan D’Lacoste ‘20 executes an onside kick.

  • Quarterback Connor Cooper ‘20 scrambles to throw to an open wide receiver.

  • Quarterback Connor Cooper ‘20 runs a keeper.

  • Quarterback Nathan Potter ‘20 performs a quarterback sneak.

  • Wide receiver Ciondre Sterling ‘20 sprints down the field after receiving the kickoff.

  • Defensive players stop the Pflugerville offensive run.

  • Offensive lineman Nicholas Kirklin ‘20 creates an opening for running back Riley Beckham ‘20 to squeeze through for a two point conversion.

  • Ciondre Sterling ’20 attempts to hold off the opposing team.

  • Conner Cooper ’20 avoids being tackled.

  • Riley Beckham ’20 attempts to gain yards.

  • Freshmen players wait to begin play.

  • Conner Cooper ’20 absorbs tackled from Pflugerville player.

  • Conner Cooper ’20 attempts to pass the ball off.

  • Conner Cooper ’20 tries to push through Pfulgerville players.

  • Nathan Potter ’20 runs through blockade.

  • Players line up for handoff.

  • Dylan D’Lacoste ’20 gets ready for kickoff.

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On Thursday, Oct. 27, the freshman football team took on the Pflugerville Panthers on the Warrior Bowl field. However, after a tremendous effort in the second half, the Warriors couldn’t push through and were defeated with a score of 22-44.

“I feel like I did my job and I feel like I played good as an individual,” Connor Cooper ‘20 said. “We just couldn’t quite get there as a team.”

The first quarter started off with an onside kick by Dylan D’Lacoste ‘20, which was recovered to give the Warriors the first possession. The Warriors made it all the way down the field to the one-yard line, but were stopped by the Pflugerville defense, and the ball was turned over. After the Panthers scored their second touchdown, the kickoff was received by Joseph Kubelka ‘20 and run to the 44-yard line. A few plays later, Cody Crider ‘20 caught a pass from Cooper, scoring the first Warrior touchdown of the game. Shortly after that, Riley Beckham ‘20 squeezed through the Panther defense to earn an extra two points.

“I could’ve ran a little bit harder when they broke free past the defense,” Nathan Potter ‘20 said. “But next game, I’ll definitely work as hard as I can because it is the last game.”

In the second half, the Warriors got off to a better start. After a series of yardage gains and losses, Cooper was able to push through and score the second Warrior touchdown of the game, putting the score at 14-38. The Warrior defense wasn’t able to hold the Panthers at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but Cooper was able to score the final touchdown of the game as well as a two-point conversion, putting the final score at 22-44.

I definitely could’ve made more tackles,” Kameron Colvin ‘20. “I just need to focus more on the legs of people, and concentrating more on making tackles. I guess I just have to get my mind right before the game.”

The Warriors face the Cedar Ridge Raiders at Cedar Ridge High School on Thursday, Nov. 3 for the last game of their season.