JV Football Loses to the McNeil Mavericks 14-40

Julia Kurtz, Photographer

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As their sixth game in the season, the JV football team faced their rivals, the McNeil Mavericks, at McNeil High School on Wednesday, Oct. 5. In the end, the Warriors were defeated with a final score of 14-40.

In the first quarter, the Warriors got off to a positive start with a touchdown from Akhil Akshintala ‘18. Soon after the Warriors’ touchdown, a false start against the Mavericks was called, giving the Warriors an advantage. During the next offensive play, the Warriors fumbled the ball, and then the Mavericks took the opportunity to score their first touchdown of the game.

The second quarter began with an effective tackle from Zach Goodall ‘18, which saved the Warriors from being scored on again. However, his save wasn’t enough to protect the Warriors for long. The Mavericks scored another touchdown in the middle of the second quarter, despite the hard fight Sam Bolger ‘18 put up against the Mavericks’ running back. Luca Mazzola ‘19 was badly injured by an opposing player, and no penalty was called even though it is against the rules for an offensive player to tackle a defensive player. Following this, Damon Harris ‘19 received an accurate pass two times in a row. Next he ran through many opposing players, pushing his way towards the end zone. With his effective efforts, Harris managed to move the Warriors up 15 yards. Harris continued to wow the crowd by scoring the Warriors’ second touchdown, leaving the score at 14-20 at the end of the second quarter.

“We have to work on the little things that count, like teamwork and things like that,” Bolger said. “If we can work together then maybe we would play better.”

Returning from halftime, the Warriors continued to put their best efforts in the game, but the defensive players seemed to lack the energy present in the first half. Towards the middle of the quarter, the Mavericks scored another touchdown.

In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Bolger had a tackle at the 15-yard line, ultimately stopping the Mavericks from scoring. In the end, the Warriors were defeated 14-40.

“We played a hard game, we pushed ourselves, but it all came down to three plays that really counted in the end,” Marley Schiesz ‘18 said. “It was those three really determining plays that changed the outcome of what happened tonight.”

The Warriors are determined to get a win at their next game against the Stony Point Tigers at Stony Point on Thursday, Oct. 13.