Classes Compete in Annual Swim Distance Challenge


The team dons their costumes before they swim. Photo courtesy of Westwood Swim and Dive.

The swim team participated in their annual Distance Challenge fundraiser on Friday, Oct. 28. Some dressed up in fun costumes and swam a half-mile while others opted out and swam the full mile, equivalent to 60 lengths down the pool. With a goal of $9000, swimmers from each class competed to see who could bring in the most donations.

The junior class was able to bring in the most donations at $2290. Freshmen had a total of $2161, while the sophomores followed closely behind at $2160. The seniors fundraised $400, for a sum amount of $7011, falling just short of their goal.

A competition was also held among those who dressed up for the best costumes. The first place award was split among 3 groups. Alex Hao ‘18 was ‘nothing’, and wore a black morph suit.

“It was really challenging, having to swim a half-mile in a costume,” Hao said.

A trio of sophomores, Emily Ngo ‘19, Evelyn Ngo ‘19 and Abbey Truong ‘19, dressed up as the three monkey emojis, representing ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’. The other award was given to Ashlyn Carroll ‘18, who was dressed as a middle school boy.

The fundraiser is important for the team, who frequently attends meets outside the Austin area. The donations acquired contribute to hotel and bus expenses.

“It’s really important because we go to travel meets, and without raising money and we couldn’t be able to travel in charter buses to Dallas,” Hao said.