JV Football Falls to Cedar Ridge Raiders

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  • In the last few seconds of the first quarter, Nolan Wilson ‘18 charges at the Raiders.

  • Zaion Gilmore ‘19 warms up with the rest of the team before the biggest game of the season.

  • The defensive line gets ready to block the incoming Raiders.

  • After a rough play, Steven Rios ‘18 jogs off the field to join his teammates on the bench.

  • As the Raider’s quarterback sprints down the field, William Wallace ‘18 lunges at the player in order to stop the Raiders from scoring again.

  • Dodging out of the way just in time, Akhil Akshintala ‘18 avoids the Raiders.

  • Johnangel Luna ’19 prepares for a tackle.

  • The Warriors team up to take down a Raider.

  • Luca Mazzola ’19 is tackled by a Cedar Ridge player.

  • The JV team prepares to take the field after halftime.

  • A Warrior rushes the ball to gain yards.

  • Mohan Hegde ‘19 hands the ball to Akhil Akshintala ‘18 in an attempt to gain yards.

  • An offensive player gets tackled.

  • Johnathon Ray ’18 catches the ball with one hand.

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The Warriors pushed through their last game of the season on Thursday, Nov. 3 against the Cedar Ridge Raiders. Due to multiple execution errors and ill-fated circumstances, the Warriors were overcome, and the game ended with a score of 0-28.

“Even though we lost I feel like we worked pretty hard during the season, and we tried really hard during all of our practices,” Walt Zientek ‘19 said.

The first quarter kicked off with a positive start when Akhil Akshintala ‘18 managed to catch the other team’s kick-off and advance over 10 yards, grabbing a first down for the Warriors. With no time to spare, Akshintala threw an intentional pass to Luca Mazzola ‘19 for a touchdown, but unfortunately the throw was blocked by the Raiders, resulting in an incomplete pass. Right after, Zach Goodall ‘18 was sacked by the Raiders and thrown down to the ground. Goodall suffered minor injuries, and with the support of his kneeling teammates he was assisted off the field. Towards the end of the first quarter, the Raiders pushed past the defensive line and scored their first touchdown of the night. Soon after, Mazzola was injured while intercepting the other team’s pass, but he pushed through the pain and continued on in the game. As the crowd cheered loudly in the rain, William Wallace ‘18 and Nolan Wilson ‘18 worked together to take down a Raider who was about to score another touchdown. The first quarter came to an end with a score of 0-6.

Wallace started the second quarter off with another tackle that shut down the Raiders’ attempt to increase yards before their fourth down. Luckily for the Warriors, Goodall recovered as best as he could and reentered the game. Although the Warriors put their best efforts forward, the Raiders scored two consecutive touchdowns, and the second quarter ended with a score of 0-20.

The Warriors came back after halftime with some serious redeeming to do in order to win the game. The Warriors got the first ball and Zientek received a 30-yard pass which moved the Warriors into range for a touchdown, but the Raiders’ fierce execution stopped the Warriors’ attempt to make a touchdown by intercepting another pass intended for Zientek. The game continued on with intense back and forth possession of the ball. In the last few seconds of the third quarter, Zach Hoover ‘19 jumped up and blocked a pass that would have guaranteed a touchdown for the Raiders. Mohan Hegde ‘19 made a 25-yard pass to Mazzola at the beginning of the fourth quarter which had the crowd on their feet. In the end the Warriors ran out of time and lost with a final score of 0-28.

“I felt like we tried really hard, and we had fun which is the most important thing when playing football,” Wilson said.

Although the Warriors did not win many games during their season this year, they put hours of hard work in everyday during practices. They have truly come a long way since the first game in their season, and they are already preparing for the next.