Theater Students Put on Diviners Show

Westwood theater recently performed “The Diviners”, a slice of life show portraying the struggles of a 1930s town in Indiana. The show focuses on a mentally challenged teenage boy who has a gift with water named Buddy Layman. The cast begun working on the show towards the middle of September. The show ran from Wednesday, Oct. 23 until Saturday, Oct. 26. The show was directed by Robbin Antil, and put on in the Big Black Box. The cast worked many hours after school for works to prepare for the show.

“It took a lot of effort, but it came together in the end when the time came to perform,” Isabel Cameron ‘19 said.

Many of the actors found themselves feeling accomplished after being able to showcase what they had been working on for a long time.


Simone Heim '17 reenacts meeting the new preacher in town.
Photo by Donatella Voss
Simone Heim ’17 reenacts meeting the new preacher in town.

“It was such an amazing feeling to finally perform the show we’d been working on for so long,” Simone Heim ‘17 said. “We worked so hard at rehearsal and it was so exhilarating to finally see our characters come to life on stage.”

Kevin Murray ‘20 saw the show on the 25th as well as the 26th, he felt that he could relate to some of the characters.

“I could really relatable to some of them, I just wanted to see how each character was going to deal with their problems in the play,” Murray said.

Chemistry teacher Christin Angirasa had a different yet still positive view on the individual characters.

Justin Lescano '17 boosts Tony Nielson '18 up to return a baby bird to its nest.
Photo by Donatella Voss
Justin Lescano ’17 boosts Tony Nielson ’18 up to return a baby bird to its nest.

“Even without knowing about the background, I thought they portrayed the characters the way they should have been portrayed. Especially for that time period.” Angirasa said. “They all got into to character, specifically Tony, he was really amazing.”

The show had a lot of positive feedback, while taking the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions.
“The show made me sad in the end, but it was a really fun show to watch and experience,” Murray said.
Angirasa had many of her students in the show, some even in lead roles, such as Tony Nielsen.
“I love my students, they were the best,” Angirasa said. “I say that because they were amazing. I thought the show was amazing. All the students worked really hard, and the performance was outstanding.”