GALLERY: IB Students Practice Ballroom Dancing

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  • Students fill the atrium at the last formal IB Ball practice before the actual dance.

  • Leonard Wang ’18 spins Sanjana Bettadpur ’18.

  • Apoorva Chintala ’18 and Fiona Lin ’18 jive together to the song “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin.

  • Akash Thakkar ’17 and Rhythem Sharma ’17 practice outside turns, a step found in most ballroom dances genres.

  • Rucha Joshi ’18 and Akshay Aggarwal ’17 dance together at the IB Ball dance practice.

  • Jack Mattson ’18 spins Mona Dong ’18 in an outside turn.

  • Ruben Seifert ’18 and Artemisia Tran ’18 practice the correct stance for the Swing dance.

  • Ms. Emory and Mr. Taylor demonstrate how to do a “twinkle step,” a trick move commonly used while dancing the waltz.

  • Arjun Jain ’18 and Prathyush Shankar ’18 watch Mr. Taylor and Ms. Emory closely while dancing the waltz.

  • Students line up in preparation to dance the waltz.

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