SMASH Club Holds SMASH Bros. Tournament

By Catherine Wiesehuegel, Reporter

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  • Club members play SMASH Bros. while waiting for the tournament to begin.

  • Secretary Blake Hollifeld ’17 lays out the rules for the tournament.

  • Club members play an intense game of SMASH Bros..

  • Students crowd around the projector to see the brackets for the tournament.

  • Athreya Vadayar ’20 (left) and Xavier Berens ’20 (right) play a friendly game of SMASH Bros. while Vincent Reed ’20 (middle) texts a friend.

  • Club president Keelan McClendon ’17 sets up another station to play SMASH Bros. on.

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SMASH Club hosted a SMASH Bros. tournament Friday, Dec. 2 in the Great Room.

“I thought [the tournament] went pretty well,” Timothy Ebert ‘19 said. “I think it needed it little bit more organization but other than that it flowed pretty nicely.”

SMASH club collected canned goods as an entrance fee to participate in the tournament and plans to donate the cans to the Austin Food Bank.

“We were able to get a fairly large amount of cans. We had twenty people show up and participate in the tournament and we collected 55 cans,” club president Keelan McClendon ‘17 said.