JV White Boys’ Soccer Vanquished by Vandegrift

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  • Ben Forshay ‘20 tries to get through the Viper defense.

  • Cesar Frias ‘20 takes a free shot after a foul by the Vipers.

  • Ben Forshay ‘20 retrieves the ball after it almost went out of bounds.

  • After a pass by Cesar Frias ‘20, Ben Forshay ‘20 tries to take the ball back inbounds.

  • Nima Ashitari ‘20 tries to pass through the Viper defense.

  • After a pass by one of his teammates, Ben Forshay ‘20 looks for another opening to pass.

  • Azaan Moledina ‘19 tries to get open for a pass.

  • Nima Ashitari ‘20 tries to pass to one of his teammates.

  • After pressure by a Viper player, Nima Ashitari ‘20 looks for an opening to pass.

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The JV White Boys’ soccer team faced off against the Vandegrift Vipers on Jan. 20 at 4:30 p.m. at the Warrior Bowl.

The game was action packed as the game consisted of many tackles and fouls especially during the first half of the game. The Warriors were able to keep the game tied at 0-0 during the first half but during the second half, the Vipers were able to take the win scoring four consecutive goals. The game finished with a score of 0-4 with the Vipers winning. Even though the Warriors fell at the end, they fought hard until the very end of the game.

“It sucks that we lost, but all we can do is try harder next time,” Heechan Kang ‘19 said.

The first half was filled with mistakes as each team had their fair share of steals and fouls. Angel Sanchez ‘19 did well in the first quarter stopping the dominant Vipers’ offense on many occasions and helping to keep the ball on the Warrior’s offensive third. The first half was summed up by many missed shots by the Vipers and an abundance of missed opportunities by both of the teams.

“I think we did well in the first half, but we could have done a lot better,” Sanchez  said. “If we did not miss those opportunities, we could have maybe won the game.”

The second half was filled up with more goals as the Vipers were able to maneuver their way through the Warriors’ defense. The Warriors’ defense did well blocking out shots from the Vipers but with turnovers made by both sides, the Vipers were able to score some goals stealing the win from the Warriors. The game ended with a score of 0-4.

“Next time we play them we will beat them,” Kang said.

Come out and support the Warriors as they face Bowie High School on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 4:30 p.m. at the Warrior Bowl.