Varsity Boys’ Soccer Ties With Cedar Ridge

Jaycie High, Photographer

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  • Eduardo Rodriguez ’19 tries to get the ball from a Raider.

  • Eugene Lee ’17 runs with the ball.

  • West Bevins ’20 goes head to head with a Raider to get the ball.

  • Liam Matsumoto ’17 looks for his next pass.

  • Eduardo Garcia ’17 tries to get the ball.

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With the kickoff at 7:45 p.m., the varsity boys’ soccer team (0-0) played against the Cedar Ridge Raiders (0-0) on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Before the game the boys felt confident that they could defeat the Raiders, but in the end  they ended the game with a 0-0 score.

In the first half of the game, the Warriors started off strong. Within the first few minutes after the kickoff, the Warriors had several shots on goal, but unfortunately they could not get any of them in. Around 21 minutes into the first half, Doug D’Lacoste ‘17 got injured. He was down for about two minutes until the trainers walked him off the field.

“I hurt my ACL and the trainers think it’s torn, so I might be out for the rest of the season,” D’Lacoste said. “I think for the time I was in I played well, but I didn’t play of most of the game. I like to believe that I was a big part of the team. I think we’re going to struggle to be able to find another forward that will be able to do the things I do, but hopefully we’ll find a good replacement.”

Coaches sent in West Bevins ‘20 and Adrian Day ‘17 to play the rest of the half. At halftime the score was still at 0-0.

“I don’t necessarily see a tie or a loss as satisfactory in any way regardless of how we play because the result is the result and we need to improve on that,” Day said. “We want to improve on being consistent. That consistency is what makes teams great. We just want to be able to move the ball better, more effectively, come together more as a team.”

In the second half, the Warriors still struggled to get a goal. They worked on their passing throughout the half and used their communication skills to work as team against the Raiders. The Warriors fought to get through the Raiders’ defense but unfortunately were not able to. When the game came to an end, both teams still had not scored any goals.

“Perfection is always the goal and we haven’t been perfect these last few games. There’s always something we can improve on,” Day said.

Although the boys did not get the outcome they had hoped for, they still played hard and hope to improve for their upcoming game against Hendrickson High School on Tuesday, Feb. 21.