Lobera Leads JV White Boys’ Soccer to 6-1 Victory

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  • Struggling for possession of a ball before it even reaches the ground, Nima Ashitari ’20 watches for an opportunity.

  • Sergio Saldana ’20 advances the Warrior offense forward.

  • Daniel Lobera ’19 pushes forward, on his way to score another goal.

  • Heechan Kang ’19 applies pressure to an opposing offender.

  • Brendan Coops ’18 juggles the ball forward into the offensive.

  • John Mock ’20 keeps his eye on the ball, waiting to trap it with his foot.

  • Heechan Kang ’19 stretches out to gain possession of the ball.

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The JV White Boys’ soccer team dominated in an incredible game against Stony Point with a score of 6-1. Daniel Lobera ‘19 led the Warriors with four goals, while Delling Deng ‘20 and Eduardo Sanchez ‘20 both contributed a point to the board as well.

“We did a really good job playing together as a team,” JV White Boys’ coach Samuel Forr said. “Passing the ball, connecting on those passes, and allowing our players to play to our strengths like our speed, and our technical proficiency was very exciting to watch.”

Lobera opened up scoring with a left-footed shot to the back of the net. As the Stony Point goalkeeper came off his line to attempt a save, Lobera displayed his one-on-one strength by cutting the ball to the side and sending it into the goal. Though he was called off after a celebration, Lobera was brought back on and added another three goals for the Warriors.

Because the game was toward the end of the season, players have developed to learn each other’s strengths and adapted for that on the pitch.

“We practiced a lot together, so we kind of knew how each other played,” Lobera said. “We would set each other up for success by giving them really good balls.”

The JV White Boys’ soccer will next face Pflugerville on Wednesday, March 7.