JV Softball Finds Historic Success Over McNeil

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  • McKenna Lindley ’18 getting ready for her at bat.

  • After sliding into second base, Selina Kikhamsouk ’17 gets ready to lead off.

  • Alex Reese ’18 watching the pitcher close to get ready to take her lead off.

  • The varsity softball team supports the JV team before they get ready for their game.

  • After hitting a gap between right field and center field Natalie O’Connor ’20 gets a double.

  • Coach Scazzero gives Natalie O’Conner ’20 a quick good luck fist bump before going up to bat.

  • KK Jenkins ’20, Mia Kuge ’20 and Sarah Sherwood ’20 support their teammates.

  • Olivia Meyers ’20 gets ready to go up to bat.

  • After fielding a grounder hit to third Heather Gillmiester ’18 throws the ball across the field to get the out.

  • After getting an out Sofia Figueroa ’19, Heather Gillmiester ’18, and Alex Reese ’18 celebrate.

  • Natalie O’Connor ’20 winds up to throw to the current batter.

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The JV softball team won their first game for the first time in the past three years against McNeil with a score of 7-6 on March 10. At the beginning of the first inning, the girls scored first to reach 4-0, but McNeil kept coming back up to get ahead. The team fought hard to get this win that was well deserved from the hours of practice and their constant improvement on their skills.

“We had a couple goofs, but were well recovered to win,” Abby Holden ‘19 said. “I think everyone was absolutely thrilled that we won this game.”

With a big season ahead of them, JV softball has high hopes for upcoming games. They next compete on Friday, March 24 against Cedar Ridge.