Varsity Softball Narrowly Defeats McNeil 7-6

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  • With the game coming to an end, Lizzie Taylor ’18 keeps her head in the game and her eye on the ball.

  • Before she steps up to bat, Schyler Stockwell ’17 looks at the cheering crowd.

  • After hitting a home run, Charese Wyatt ’17 ends the game early and sprints into a team huddle to celebrate.

  • Before the other team’s new player steps up to bat, Courtney Ogle ’17 gets into her defensive position.

  • Dropping her bat, Charese Wyatt ’17 lunges towards the next base after hitting a fly ball.

  • While warming up for her turn at bat, Lizzie Taylor ’18 watches as Adrianna Madison ’18 hits a line drive.

  • Chelsea Terranova ’19 pushes her arm to the limit with another fast ball.

  • After their great win, Courtney Ogle ’17, Chelsea Terranova ’19, and Haily Lozano ’19 hold hands while singing their alma mater.

  • With only one more out needed to end the half inning, Chelsea Terranova ’19 winds up her arm for a critical pitch.

  • In an attempt to get back to 3rd base safely, Lizzie Taylor ’18 makes a quick pivot turn and runs away from the live ball.

  • Charese Wyatt ’17, the Warriors’ last pitcher for the 6th inning, hits a fastball with ease and sends it past the outfield for a home run.

  • As a fellow teammate catches a fly ball, Lizzie Taylor ’18 raises her hands up and cheers with thrill.

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The varsity softball team stepped out on the field on Friday, March 10 in a victorious 7-6 game. In honor of Future Warriors night, young girls were welcomed onto the field and recognized by the team before the start of the game.

The Warriors started strong in the top of the first inning with three strikeouts by pitcher Hailey Popelka ‘18. While the Mavericks came out of the second inning with two runs, the Lady Warriors’ final play was a successful rundown between third baseman Courtney Ogle ‘17 and shortstop Charese Wyatt ‘17.

“I think that McNeil was a good match for our team. They were making good contact and played well defensively,” first baseman Lizzie Taylor ‘18 said. “We were answering back with the same amount of strength.”

The Warriors pulled ahead in the third inning with a run by Ogle and a home run by Wyatt, who also brought in runner Popelka.

“As a team, we had some errors but we made up for it offensively,” Haily Lozano ‘19 said, “especially with Charese getting two walk-off home runs.”

From the fourth to sixth inning, the Warriors had trouble making contact and were only able to bring in one runner. The Mavericks, however, were able to bring in three runs and had a one run advantage.

“Overall, it was a nail-biter. We had our ups and downs but we never lost focus of getting that win,” Lozano said.

In the final inning, the Warriors took their last at bat that would decide the outcome of the game. First up, Popelka, hit a single. Next batter, Alex Reece ‘18, hit her second home run of the game and brought runner Popelka in, ending the game 7-6.

“The only place we can go from here is forward,” Taylor said. “We need to just keep working and practicing until we can get to the point where we dominate teams like McNeil, instead of being neck and neck the whole game.”