JV Softball Finishes Season Strong


Nicolle Duvall

Freshmen Mia Kuge and KK Jenkins pose with bunny ears.

Following a remarkable 13-2 win against Pflugerville High School, the JV Lady Warriors were left heartbroken in a 0-19 game versus Cedar Ridge High School Friday, April 21. Being top in the district, the Lady Warriors were well aware of the Grey Wolves’ capabilities. However, it had little to no effect on the work ethic the team put in that night.

“I think we did well as far as [accomplishing] our goals and doing what we came to do,” third baseman Abby Holden ‘19 said. “We were competitive in district games and went 2-2 in our tournament.”

The top of the first inning began with second baseman Olivia Meyers ‘20 up at bat. Meyers hit a pop up, which was retrieved in the air by Cedar Ridge’s first baseman. Only right fielder McKenna Lindley ‘18 and first baseman Meghan Hendricks ‘18 were able to get on base. Lindley was later tagged out at two, and shortstop Sofia Figueroa ‘19 was thrown out at first by the Grey Wolves’ short stop.

“It’s a little disappointing that we didn’t get to win our last game,” catcher Alex Reece ‘18 said. “However, Cedar Ridge is a great team.”

Upon transitioning into the top of the first inning, the team struggled to make the three outs and the Grey Wolves’ were allowed five runs. Pitcher Nicolle Duvall ‘18 walked several batters, but the majority of Cedar Ridge’s players had made contact.

“A lot of people stepped up to new positions this year and they aced them,” Reece said. “Our pitchers were busting some moves and our defense worked really hard.”

The Lady Warriors pushed through the remainder of the game but could not produce any runs to counter the Grey Wolves’ 15-run advantage. Despite rarely getting on base, most of the team’s at bats had either made contact and were thrown out at one or they were caught in the air by the Wolves’ defense.

“This is my first year playing, but I had a lot of fun playing,” outfielder Sarah Sherwood ‘20 said. “I really hope to improve and make varsity by the time I’m a senior.”

Rather than cutting the game short, both teams agree to finish out the game with a fourth inning. Only two batters were walked and four others were able to score. A line drive caught and pop up caught at shortstop by Figueroa made for the first two outs. The final out of the game was a strikeout by Duvall.

“The season has given older JV folk, who haven’t ever won a game, proof that they can do this,” Holden said. “JV softball has had a long streak of losses and now, all of a sudden, we’re winning. Our attitude has changed and I think everything’s turning around. I truly wish the best for JV next year.”