Pre-AP Spanish 2 Students Present Las Muñecas

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  • Rishob Dasgupta ’20 presents his doll.

  • Pre-AP Spanish 2 students present their dolls.

  • Audrey Lemen ’20 presents her doll.

  • Nicolas Gonzalez ’19 presents his doll.

  • Sara Momin ’20 presents her doll.

  • Shea Sturdevant ’20 presents her doll.

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Every year, Pre-AP Spanish 2 classes must complete the project, “Las Muñecas,” by using all they’ve learned throughout the year to create an oral presentation that explains the similarities and differences between themselves as younger children and now. The presentation must be at least two minutes long, but no longer than two minutes and 40 seconds long. Students began presenting on March 27, and everyone had finished presentations by the end of the week.

“It’s not to torture students,” Pre-AP Spanish 2 teacher Mrs. MilyBett Llanos-Gremillion said. “This is a fun project in my eyes because you get to talk about what you were like as a child, and most people enjoy speaking about themselves. [It’s fun to be able to] get to know you as a child, and of course, your view on how you are now.”

The students also had to design a doll cut out of old filing folders. One side would represent the student’s younger self, while the other side represented the student’s present self. Many students enjoyed using their creativity to make the doll, and there were many different materials utilized, like fabric, pompoms, yarn, magazine clippings, and/or buttons.

“My favorite part was making the doll,” Audrey Lemen ‘20 said, “because it involved a lot of creativity and not a lot of work. I added a picture of my phone because I’m on it all the time, and some books because Westwood.”

The students had to turn in their completed doll and script before presenting. Students had to memorize their script in order to practice speaking Spanish for two minutes like they will for their AP/IB exams, which they will take in their junior or senior year.

“My class is really fun,” Rishob Dasgupta ‘20 said, “so presenting in front of them was my favorite part of the project. [A couple of the presentations] really made me laugh. This project really helped my Spanish, which needs all the help it can get.”