Varsity Softball Narrowly Defeats Stony Point 2-1

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  • Jena Hawks ’17 hits with full power. Photo credit to Erin Lee.

  • Haley Popelka ’18 pitches the ball to opposing batter. Photo credit to Erin Lee.

  • The Lady Warriors do their pre-game huddle. Photo credit to Erin Lee.

  • Charese Wyatt ’17 rounds third to score. Photo credit to Erin Lee.

  • Charese Wyatt ’17 scores the winning run. Photo credit to Erin Lee.

  • Chelsea Terranova ’19 catches a fly ball in right field. Photo credit to Erin Lee.

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Fighting for a playoffs spot, the varsity softball team pulled a nail-biting win against the Stony Point Tigers on Wednesday, April 12. Going back and forth the score stayed 0-0 but the Warriors were determined to score first and won 2-1.

At the bottom of the fourth inning Courtney Ogle ‘17 hit a line drive and drove a run in to put the Warriors ahead 1-0. After holding the Tigers scoreless, at the top of the sixth inning there was a deep hit to left field that drove a run in for the Tigers to bring the score 1-1. Gabriella Garcia ‘19 hit a double to cause the winning run at the bottom of the seventh inning.

“Overall I was happy with the win but more happy that we played well as a team,” Garcia said.

Charese Wyatt ‘17 came in to score the winning run for the score to come to 2-1.

“Defensively we got out of tough situations and kept them from scoring,” Wyatt said.    “Offensively we got some timely hits that allowed us to score but I wouldn’t have been able to score without Gabby’s hit, so really the credit goes to her.”

Haley Popelka ‘18 came up with four strikeouts total.

“We played really well as a team, everyone did their job and contributed to the win. Pitching can only help so much but the defense was an extra that allowed us to keep holding the other team,” Popelka said. “Our offense was very successful, everyone was aggressive, but smart at the plate and on base. It was an exciting win and I’m really proud of the team.”

Overall, the Lady Warriors plan to keep their heads up and fight for what they deserve.

“All night was a pitchers duel but [Popelka] stayed strong the entire game,” head coach Tiffany Gates said. “I was very pleased with the way we played as a team last night, I was very proud with the team effort.”

The Lady Warriors’ next game is on Thursday, April 13 against the Round Rock Dragons, where they’ll hope to keep their winning streak going and guarantee their spot in the playoffs.