Westwood Hosts Howdy Week for School Spirit

Westwood Hosts Howdy Week for School Spirit

From Tuesday, Sept. 5 to Friday, Sept. 8, Student Council will encourage students to participate in Howdy Week. This event will encourage school spirit and welcome students back to school.

Tuesday, Sept. 5: Color War
Freshmen will wear red, sophomores yellow, juniors green, seniors blue, and teachers black. The class with the most participation will receive a special prize at the pep rally on Friday, Sept. 8.

Wednesday, Sept. 6: Twin Day
Team up a friend or multiple friends to dress the same.

Thursday, Sept. 7: Tacky Tourist Day
Some examples would be a Hawaiian shirt, a safari hat, or socks with sandals.

Friday, Sept. 8: Spirit Day
Show off school spirit with Westwood attire.