AP Psychology Students Create Quilt Squares


Connor Cowman

Karim Cisse ’19 hangs his quilt square on the wall next to many others.

From Monday, Sept. 11 to Wednesday, Sept. 13, students in AP and IB Psychology decorated the walls in the second floor D-wing with 8.5 inch by 8.5 inch paper squares that displayed their interests and passions for all to see. Each of these individual squares are linked together — like a quilt, unsurprisingly — to create a tapestry of the mind, something that represents the students’ personal interests in a collective way.

“This is a really good introduction to psychology because the brain thinks symbolically, and psychology is the science of the mind,” AP and IB psychology teacher Ms. Kay Minter said.

Every quilt square might be the same size and shape, but there are many distinctly unique aspects of each one, similar to a person’s fingerprints.

“The project is meant to symbolize who an individual is visually,” Ms. Minter said. “Everything from the color of the paper to what’s on it is meant to represent something important to the student. The confidential write-ups on the back are most important to me because with those I can really get inside someone’s mind and find out who they are.”

The quilt squares are located on the wall outside of D2216.