JV Orange Volleyball Declaws the Pflugerville Panthers

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  • Lauren King ’20 tells Delaney Willing ’21 something before she goes to serve.

  • Abby Gregorczyk ’21 and Delaney Willing ’21 embrace after scoring a point.

  • Reagan Harrington ’20 spikes the ball and sends it over the net.

  • Abby Gregorczyk ’21 powerfully spikes the ball across the court.

  • Purvi Mujumdar ’19 sets the ball up for her teammate to send it over the net.

  • Lauren King ’20, Emily Price ’21, Delaney Willing ’21, and Madeline Shrull ’21 watch their team members play on the court.

  • Payton Sequerra ’20 cheers after her team scores a point.

  • Reagan Harrington ’20 spikes the ball sending it over the net to score a point for her team.

  • Ingrid Stading ’19, Lauren King ’20, and Abby Gregorczyk ’21 celebrate their new lead over the opposing team.

  • Jessica Lane ’21 walks over to the rest of her team on the sidelines.

  • Purvi Mujumdar ’19 sets the ball up for her teammates to hit it over the net.

  • Emily Price ’21, Ingrid Stading ’19, and Lauren King ’20 cheer for their team members on the sidelines.

  • Emily Price ’21 and Lauren King ’20 cheer for their team on the sidelines.

  • Delaney Willing ’21 pushes the ball over the net.

  • Purvi Mujumdar ’19 asks the referee about a call.

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The JV Orange volleyball team fought the Pflugerville Panthers on Tuesday, Oct. 3 — which also happened to be Parent Appreciation Night — and, after three sets, defeated their opponent with an overall score of 2-1. While some areas in the second set the Lady Warriors’ victory did seem tenuous, the team eventually pulled their efforts together in the third set and claimed the win.

“We need to work on playing as a team, pushing, and not getting down when the other team is ahead,” Purvi Mujumdar ‘19 said. “Getting good passes and executing the ball are things we need to work on. But every time we get a kill, everyone just jumps up and there’s a lot of energy.”

The first set, which concluded with a score of 25-11 in favor of the Lady Warriors, encapsulated the team’s electricity; Abby Gregorczyk ‘21 made multiple dives for the ball, Mujumdar executed several solid strikes across the net, and Lauren King ‘20 hustled greatly.

At the beginning of the second set, both teams bursted back onto the court with resounding spirit, and fought neck-and-neck throughout the duration of the entire set. Eventually, after solid defensive plays from both Ingrid Stading ‘19 and Madeline Shrull ‘21, the Panthers narrowly seized the set with a score of 25-22.

“I think that, for us, it’s a matter of not only going in and winning the first set, but also in going and winning the entire game without having the other team score more than three points per run,” Coach Brissa Ochoa commented. “I do think that [the Lady Warriors] did a better job of working hard and getting after it though.”

Following a shaky beginning for the JV Orange team in the third set with multiple intense exchanges, the Lady Warriors hit their stride and became unstoppable. Jessica Lane ‘21 and Gregorcyzk, who, according to coach Ochoa, “had 11 kills and hit above a 200%,” both showed great determination, contributing to the 25-14 win.

With a district record of 7-2, the JV Orange team progresses ever onwards, claiming more and more victories for both themselves and their school. On Tuesday, Oct. 10, the Lady Warriors will face off against Cedar Ridge at Cedar Ridge High School.