Students Attend Blacklight Themed Homecoming Dance

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On Saturday, Oct. 14, the Homecoming dance took place in the cafeteria and the surrounding areas of the school. The dance was open to all students, as well as to visitors from other schools. This year’s dance was organized by Pacesetters, who planned the blacklight theme.

The entrance of the dance was illustrated with decorations and the phrase “Westwood Hoco” was projected on the wall of the school so that no one could miss it. Security and check-ups were implemented even before monitoring tickets in order to keep everyone organized and safe. Upon arrival, music could be heard from outside, as well as the sound of the students who swarmed the entrance area.

“It’s my senior year, so I guess that’s pretty special on its own,” Scott Hall ‘18 said. “A bunch of people from different groups hanging out together, that is pretty cool.”

The open dance floor in the cafeteria was engulfed in purple lights and smoke machine fog, which incorporated a concert-like feeling throughout the room. In addition, streamers flooded the openings of the room and bright, glowing decorations hung from the ceilings. The DJ had a set place on the stage for equipment, and filled the room with blasting, acclaimed hits.

“It’s different because it’s at Westwood so that has to do with the whole school spirit thing,” Anna Skelley ‘18 said. “Other people at other schools that I’ve talked to always have it in the cafeteria, so it’s unusual for us but not for other schools.”

The majority of attendees joined in front of the stage, dancing and conversing, forming an upbeat crowd. At the back of the cafeteria, tables and chairs were provided for students to be able to sit and enjoy the music. A designated photo booth room was also placed to the right of the dance floor. There, face paint and decorations prepared the long lines of students to take fun pictures, which were then printed for free.

“I really liked the decorations; I think they did a really good job on that,” Ria Gupta ‘20 said. “I think it would be better if they had more activities besides just dancing and the photo booth. [I also wish] they had more food options.”

Chaperones were stationed around the cafeteria, as well as near hallways, ensuring that nothing got too out of control. They also staffed areas where students could take cups of water. Coffee and snacks were available for purchase along the back wall of the room, which created a more comfortable atmosphere for the students who did not want to dance.

“The most important thing is the fact that it is going to be in your life timeline forever,” Solomon Spinks ‘18 said. “Before we came here, my girlfriend and I realized that it was going to be our last Homecoming, and if she is not here, then she [wouldn’t have ever gone] to Homecoming.”

With the expressive decorations, loud music, and high energy from the students, this year’s Homecoming was an exhilarating one.