SunDancers Fundraise With Homecoming Mum Sales


In order to raise money for future events, the SunDancers will be selling mums and garters for Homecoming. Sales will start this Thursday, Oct. 5, and will continue during the week of Homecoming.

The SunDancers have been ready for mum season since July, when they started making them to sell. Each one is handmade, built out of layers of ribbon and plastic garland and topped with a flower.

“It is one of our biggest fundraisers,” mum coordinator Ms. Susan Weatherbie said. “We usually invest about $1,500 a year in supplies and we earn about $4,500 in profit that goes towards SunDancer choreography, trips, extra banquets, winter socials, and game day meals.”

Making and selling mums has been a tradition for 35 years, ever since the SunDancers were established in 1982.

“SunDancers are a good team spirit organization,” Ms. Weatherbie said. “They are always supportive at the football games and other sports. Year-round, they are there for Westwood. I think the mum for Homecoming is just symbolic of that spirit.”

Each girl made about five mums or garters to sell during the summer.

“There is a mum recipe,” Ms. Weatherbie said. “There are certain types of ribbon used as the main portion, and then there is a flower. Every mum also needs a bell.”

The small mums are $15, the mediums $25, and the larges $30.

“Let’s all come together and support our booster clubs by funding expenses,” Ms. Weatherbie said. “You buy from us, and we will definitely support you.”