Varsity Girls’ Basketball Falls to Westlake 56-40

By Catherine Wiesehuegel, Reporter

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  • Meaghan Hendricks ’18 lines up shot for the free throw.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Annalise Galliguez ’20 dribbles past a defender.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Awllyah Beaty ’18 approaches the basket in attempt to score.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Christie French ’19 drives thought the lane for a layup.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Ryan Bowen ’18 backs up looking to set up a play.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 prepares to pass the ball to an open teammate.

    Photo By Kate Connors

  • Kenzie Beckham ’21 keeps her eye on the basket to score some points for her team.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 attempts to go up for a layup.

  • Christie French ’19 tries and chase after ball.

  • Annalise Galliguez ’19 attempts to get around opposing player.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 dribbles down court.

  • Ryan Bowen ’18 tells her teammates the play.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 blocks opposing player.

  • Allyah Beaty ’18 shakes referees hands.

  • The varsity girls huddle up before warm ups.

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The varsity girls’ basketball team faced up against the Westlake Chaparrals on Tuesday, Nov. 28 in the Field House, though unfortunately fell short to the Chaparrals 56-40.

“I think that we tried really hard and we played hard but I think we just need to get stronger and more physical and play tougher,” Kenzie Beckham ‘21 said.

The Lady Warriors started the game strong, winning the jump ball and scoring two free-throw shots by Allyah Beaty ‘18 and a three-pointer by Christie French ‘19. The Lady Warriors quickly developed a six-point lead, but the Chaparrals intercepted a pass and soon evened out the score before the end of the quarter. The second quarter brought a neck-and-neck battle, each team struggling to get ahead of the other. The Lady Warriors kept the Chaparrals at bay due to baskets by French, Beaty, and Beckham.

“We’re working on being more mentally strong and tougher,” Beckham said. ”We’re working on charge drills because we need to take more charges to get some players out of the game and also to be more physical.”

The Lady Warriors were unable to pull ahead of the Chapparrals in the second half, regardless of their strong start. Though several baskets were made by French and Beaty, Westlake was able to pull ahead and end the game 56-40.

“I think the season’s going to go very well,” Beckham said. “We’re very skilled and we’re very intelligent and smart.”

The Lady Warriors will compete against the Berwick College at 6 p.m. in their next home game on Friday, Dec. 8.