Women’s Lacrosse Battles in Texas Best Tournament

By Catherine Wiesehuegel, Reporter

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  • Both teams congratulate each other after the game.

  • Coach Kathryn and Coach Wilson talk after the game is over.

  • After the loss the team shows great sportsman ship by congratulating the opposing team.

  • Team breaks out after the game.

  • Team gathers after finishing the game.

  • Players cheer after scoring a point on the opposing team.

  • Team attempts to score a goal on the opposing team.

  • Jane Mortiz ’18 running to score the ball.

  • Catherine Wiesehuegel ’19 waiting at goal post.

  • Erin Gretta’ 20 running to the ball.

  • The team rushes for the ground ball.

  • Team of four block the opponent from scoring.

  • Team switching spots after a play.

  • Jill Krekel ’19 and Emma Bontempoo ’18 waiting for the next play.

  • The lacrosse team defending the goal.

  • Player Mary Miller ’20 blocking opponent.

  • Player Sofia Larson ’20 plays midfield.

  • Olivia Green ’18 draws the ball.

  • Captain Anna Hagen ’18 and goalie Catherine Wiesehuegel ’19 waiting for the draw.

  • Captain Hannah Bombach’18 drawing for the team.

  • Hannah Bombach’18 fighting for the ball.

  • Goalie Catherine Wiesehuegel standing ready to guard.

  • Team getting ready for the game to start back up.

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The girls’ lacrosse team battled in a tournament on the UT intramural field Saturday, Nov. 4 and Sunday, Nov. 5 to see how they compared to other teams from Texas. Despite their diligent work, the Lady Warriors were unable to conquer over the difficult teams they faced.

“The teams were really hard, it was really difficult, the competition was super challenging,” team captain Anna Hagen ‘18 said, “but I think that we got better throughout each game that we played.”

The tournament was used as a way for the Lady Warriors to demonstrate what they’d been working on and what they should work on in the future.

“I definitely think that out transitions need to be improved a lot because a lot of the times we’d get the ball back on defense, and it’d be one person who’d get it up to attack,” Hagen said, “I think we need to work on finishing, getting the goal, and getting the ball up the field in a more effective manner.”

Only experienced players were allowed to play for Westwood for this tournament as the new players had not yet learned the skills required to play a game. People who had just joined the team were encouraged to come and watch a game so they could see how the sport is played.

“It was pretty inspiring because everyone acted like they knew what they were doing and the game was pretty fast paced,” April Gao ‘20 said. “It was entertaining but also really informative.”