OPINION: Blocking Net Neutrality Threatens All

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OPINION: Blocking Net Neutrality Threatens All

By Nicole Souydalay, Heritage Events Editor

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The fate of net neutrality is to be determined by the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday, Dec. 14. Net neutrality is the principle by which we are able to access the sites we wish equally. Without it, there are a variety of ramifications that can manifest.

Negative consequences can arise from the end of net neutrality because those lobbying for it are mostly supporters of big businesses, exemplified by the proposer of the plan: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a former Verizon lawyer. If net neutrality is taken away, it’s internet providers who get to control what we are able to visit. In what way they will manage the internet is completely up to them. For example, they can divide the internet into packages, such as search engines, social media, gaming, and video streaming. It’s possible that they wouldn’t completely ban access to the packages you haven’t purchased, but make visiting them extremely slow, which would prove to be frustrating. Another way that the internet providers could affect our access is choosing specific sites that would be slower to access, or on the other hand, selecting a few sites that they would want to operate normally. A big corporation like Google could pay so that their site has priority over others. If we already complain about how slow the internet can be now, how would we be able to manage without net neutrality?

If this plan is passed, various aspects of our life will be affected. Not only would it be more difficult or almost impossible for us to navigate social media, but basic necessities, like using the internet for homework or job applications will be impacted too. This plan threatens everyone, but there are a few steps we can take to try to prevent it from happening.

      1. Sign a petition!
        A petition is an easy way to let congressmen know that we care about net neutrality and we want to protect it. It only takes seconds to show why this bill shouldn’t be passed.
      2. Use Resistbot
        Resistbot makes it simple for users to contact their representatives in Congress. Just text RESIST to 50409, and there will be instructions that you can follow to tell your representatives how you feel about net neutrality.
      3. Write an e-mail to your representatives
        This is another way you can get matched up to your representatives and share your opinion.
      4. Break The Internet

On Tuesday, Dec. 12, there will be an online protest in which you can use your social media, sites, etc. to promote net neutrality in any creative way that you can. Getting as much people to support the movement as you can will be invaluable.

The fight for net neutrality isn’t over yet, so in the days between now and Dec. 14, do all you can do is let your representatives know that it’d be harmful for all if this bill were to be passed.