Chinese Club Fundraises Through Boba Sales

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  • Tea was sold the week of Dec. 11-15 after school.

  • Emily Lai ’18 and Adora Wu ’21 count their sales.

  • Sophomores Sanjay Balakrishnan and Jasmine Wang take their tea.

  • Sandra Cong ’20 takes her bubble tea.

  • Students wait in line to buy bubble tea.

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To raise money for its upcoming events, the Chinese Club sold bubble tea after school from Monday, Dec. 11 to Friday, Dec. 15. They set up in front of the school near the student entrance and behind the school near the buses. The club offered milk tea sponsored by Shanghai Noodle House for $4 each. Members of the club were happy to share their culture with the rest of the school and do a fundraiser for the first time.

“Since this is our first time doing this type of fundraiser, we decided to keep it simple with only milk tea flavor,” said Arnold Guiwang ‘20 said. “As someone who’s lived overseas, American schools stand out to me because of the diversity in student culture and ethnicity. Selling culture products shows a piece of our Asian culture to the student body.”

The money from this fundraiser will go into making yearly events bigger and better. Each year, the club has grown in numbers, so more supplies and space are needed to hold meetings and parties. For example, the Karaoke Night welcomes more than just members of the club, and the dumpling making requires lots of ingredients. Therefore, the club thought of doing a unique fundraiser: selling bubble tea.

“On the first day of our fundraiser, we were able to sell out all 60 boba tea in around 10 minutes,” co-president Emily Lai ‘18, said. “Once we sold out, there were still a few people who wanted to buy boba.”

The officers of the club are also planning new events this year, including one to celebrate Chinese New Year. Each year, the club thinks of new ways to make participating more interesting, whether it’s introducing new games to play or watching new movies. Many activities in the meetings let the members bond with one another while having fun. After months of planning, the club was able to agree on an overall timeline for the year with plans to get the word out of their club and activities.

“Chinese club officers had been planning this fundraiser since the week of Fish Bowl,” Chris Fan ‘20 said. “We wanted to get as much time to prepare for this event and make sure that everything went smoothly.”

Chinese Club’s hard work resulted in a successful fundraiser that generated wide participation from students.