JV Girls’ Basketball Falls to Pflugerville 46-51

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  • Payton Halley ’21 looks to pass to a teammate.

  • Taylor Cason ’20 rushes down the court to get away from the defender.

  • Payton Halley ’21 looks to pass through the defenders.

  • Riley Hammock ’20 jumps up to take a shot.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 leaps up for a two-pointer.

  • Grace Duff ’20 sprints down the court.

  • Taylor Cason ’20 steps up to defend the ball.

  • Jaslyn Williams ’20 moves the ball down the court after she passes a defender.

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The Lady Warriors battled against the Pflugerville Panthers Tuesday, Dec. 12, fighting hard but unfortunately resulting in a loss four grueling quarters later 46-51.

Starting off in the first quarter, the Lady Warriors quickly swept through the Panthers, scoring first and keeping an impressive six-point lead before their opponent’s first shot. Even as points began to tally up on both sides, Grace Duff ‘20 kept a level head and recovered many rebounds for her team, stealing the ball again and again to keep the Lady Warriors on top. One final shot from Riley Hammock ‘20, and the Lady Warriors took the first quarter 14-7.

“Well even though we didn’t win I feel like we played really hard,” Duff said. “A lot harder than we’ve played in other games.”

Encouraged by their successful lead, the Lady Warriors came into the second quarter energized and hoping to keep the Panthers at bay once more. A few minutes later, however, and things began to take a turn for the worse. Despite starting off strong and keeping their lead of 17-9, the Panthers began pushing back, scoring consecutively to bring the lead down to 19-17. The Lady Warriors continued to fight back, battling neck and neck until the buzzer sounded and the final score was a tie of 25-25.

Both teams entered the third quarter with new hope and determination as either team could easily push forward off the momentum of the tie and gain a serious lead. The Lady Warriors quickly took advantage of this momentum, scoring first with a free-throw before being tied again 26-26. The rest of the quarter was neck-and-neck with each team not gaining any serious ground on the other. The race for a lead soon ended with the Panthers only up by one point, bringing the Lady Warriors into the final quarter of the game 32-33.

Coming into the fourth quarter, the Lady Warriors pushed through any exhaustion they might have felt and immediately began to battle the Panthers as strongly as the first three quarters. The scales began to tip for the Panthers, however, and coming close to a tie again proved to be a real struggle in the last few minutes of the game. In the end, the Lady Warriors fell short 46-51 despite fighting so hard for so long.

“I feel they played better than they’ve played all season,” JV basketball Coach Kim Payten said.

Catch the Lady Warriors at their next game against Cedar Ridge at Cedar Ridge this Friday Dec. 15 at 5:30 p.m..