GALLERY: JV Boys’ Basketball Conquers Pflugerville Panthers 51-47

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  • Karthik Shetty ’19 passes the ball to a waiting teammate.

  • Ryan Lindley ’20 drives the ball down the court for a layup.

  • Justin Chen ’19 moves the ball past a defender to get closer to the basket.

  • Karthik Shetty ’19 dribbles the ball past a Pflugerville defender.

  • Heston Williams ’19 blocks a Pflugerville player from shooting.

  • Ethan Brown ’19 lines up the ball before he shoots a free throw.

  • Dylan Granger ’19 goes up for a layup.

  • Ethan Brown ’19 secures the ball after getting the rebound.

  • Ryan Lindley ’20 signals to a teammate during a play.

  • Paul Comardo ’19 reaches towards the basket to score.

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