GALLERY: JV White Boys’ Soccer Falls to Bowie 2-0

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  • After a tough game, the boys shake hands.

  • Max Wiele ’21 kicks a free kick to score a goal.

  • Max Wiele ’21 prepares to take a corner kick to score a goal.

  • Ollin Collet ’20 run towards the ball.

  • Jonas Perez ’20 tries to get the ball from the Bulldogs offender.

  • Ben Le ’21 slides past two Bulldog players to run the ball up field.

  • Daniel Brown ’21 takes a free kick.

  • While waiting for the corner kick, Sergio Saldana ’20 blocks a Bulldog.

  • Daniel Brown ’21 passes the ball to Jonas Perez ’20.

  • Noah Lugani ’21 prepares to free kick.

  • Daniel Brown ’21 steals the ball from a Bowie player.

  • Ben Le ’21 attempts to steal the ball from a Bowie player.

  • Daniel Brown ’21 chases the ball with a Bulldog player following closely.

  • Noah Lugani ’21 kicks a goal kick to midfield.

  • Ollin Collet ’20 jumps up to block a free kick.

  • During half time, Coach Thailing talks to the boys about what to improve on.

  • Andrew Qian ’21 passes the ball to the open player, Delling Deng ’20.

  • Andrew Qian ’21 runs up the field with a Bowie player on his heels.

  • Ben Le ’21 tries to take down a Bowie player.

  • Delling Deng ’20 runs up the field with the ball.

  • Sai Kasam ’21 waits to go on the field.

  • Max Wiele ’21 runs past a Bowie player.

  • Emilio Penny ’20 kicks the ball back to midfield.

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