Investigations in Psychology Announced As Weighted Course


courtesy of Brian D'Cruz Hypno Plus

Round Rock ISD announced a change in the weighting of the Investigations in Psychology course, an elective class during the second semester that completes the full-year AP Psychology course. Investigations in Psychology is now a weighted course, encouraging students to take the class in the second semester, after AP Psychology in the fall.

Several years ago, Round Rock ISD removed all Honors courses, causing only Pre-AP, Pre-IB, AP, and IB courses to be weighted. Because Investigations in Psychology is similarly challenging to AP Psychology, teachers requested that an exception be made for the course.

During the Parent Registration meeting this year, many students and parents expressed reservations about taking Investigations in Psychology. However, now that the weighted grade is reinstated, students who previously withdrew from second semester Psychology are encouraged to reconsider.

“[Investigations in Psychology is] a rigorous, challenging course,” Ms. Kay Minter said. “Westwood students are up for it, and they should be rewarded for it.”